David C (ashamel) wrote,
David C

City of Heroes is closing down. It was never really my game, but it did some things very well -- most notably character customisation and scaled missions. Here are my toons, in memoriam.

Hananobi: It never seems particularly heroic to chase down thugs in sewers, with a katana, but that seemed to be her MO, and she was damn good at it. Although here she is fighting herself

and with her new jacket

My main regret is I never got her a fireworks aura. I think it was just a limited-time thing. Her fire aura was pretty impressive though.

King Ink: I've always liked the idea of healing, but in WoW it's always stressed me out. King Ink was my character for grouping, and for the most work it worked really well.

(Which is good because as a solo toon he was pretty painful.)

The rest are just short-lived characters I came up with but never really played.

The Cruciverbalist. He specialised in speed and pain, and I was happy at being able to make him almost entirely B&W.

Sans Seraphim and Cherub Falls.

Orange Crush: This is almost exactly the result of a random costume selection, but I liked it. I'm not sure he ever even fought anyone though (and the real name was already taken, so I guess there's actually an ape head under that helmet).


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