David C (ashamel) wrote,
David C

We have returned from the film festival screening of Kyla's movie. It went down well, which was great to see. We also met some old friends, and a fine time was had.

Bad Reception was in good company, amongst the 'comedy and animation' shorts. Some highlights included Soulmates (in which a marriage counsellor goes on a blind date), Death in Charge (in which the babysitter doesn't make it), and the entirely delirious Treevenge. The animations were mostly beautiful but seemed to have trouble with their resolutions; the best was probably Shut Eye Hotel, of monsters under the covers.

Tomorrow we're trying to get to the Lovecraft shorts (which tend to work better than the lengthier attempts), and a flick called Finale (though the festival has a while to go yet).
Tags: australian specfic, horror, movies
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