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(no subject)
I never made much of a habit, back when I was a writer, of quoting the Bible. But the need came up intermittently and I would browse for something appropriate, either on-line or in the pulpy flesh. In almost all cases this worked surprisingly well. Yesterday I went looking for something a bit different, and it came through again.
But he, whom God raised again, saw no corruption -- Acts 13:37
OK, it's obscure, but it amuses me.

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L33t speak has a lot to answer for.

But there is a mild amusement factor in there, yes :)

That's all I can hope for, I think.

I'm saddened to hear you don't still consider yourself a writer. It's not as if you weren't involved in Prism, or have previous writer credits to your name.

Prismatic has good Biblical quotage, I thought.

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