David C (ashamel) wrote,
David C

Bloody Comics

People who remember my review of The List (which I separately reviewed for Black), or who just like a bit of ultra-violence and religious mania in their comic books, will be glad to see Volume 2 is out now. I've got the cover up here.

For people who remember Repo Man, I've also added Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday, which is a very strange thing indeed. I'll be talking more about that in the next Black. (It looks rather more lush inside than the cover makes it appear.)

And the_christian points out another anthology from Gestalt (who did Waldo and Character Sketches) is up for pre-order on Amazon: Flinch. For those who know less about comics, Shaun Tan and Terry Dowling may strike your interest from the contributor's list.

Tags: australian specfic, comics, horror
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