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(no subject)
We appear to have been told off in gym today, for not being friendly. This is at least observant.

Meanwhile, some interesting links about Alan Moore: a Watchmen review, and Is Alan Moore a Hypocrite?

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Why were you told off? Almost everyone at our gym is plugged into some sort of media device(including yours truly), and not much conversation occurs.

We are going to sessions with an actual trainer, so no iPods.

(Meanwhile, I am actually considering buying one, as a back-up of all these CDs I've been ripping, if nothing else. But they're expensive beasts.)

Get an iRiver MP3 player. They are cheaper than ipods, and more practical. I have two (one is Iain's old one that he gave up when he went to the dark side and bought the iNano). My two are 1 gig each, but once you load the software onto your computer, they are easy to load and use. You can get them up to 2 gig now, and possibly more (I haven't looked lately). Only problem I have with mine is that it is tiny (runs off an AAA battery), and can get lost a little too easily. If buying one I would recommend investing in some high quality rechargable batteries.

of course, if you're a Mac user, then all that information is useless.

I'm not a Mac user.

My main reason for an actual iPod is that you can get them up to 60G (or so). Since I have some 10G of music, and wouldn't mind backing up other documents (which is possible), the extra room would be appreciated.

However, you get a battery life of a year, and then you have to pay a fortune to have it replaced.

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