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I read 2012 recently, an anthology of near future tales. As various reviews have already said, it's a good book, and to be recommended.

This isn't a review -- I guess I could talk about each of the stories, but not today. I just wanted to make a quick note about one aspect of the book, for conversational purposes.

There is an impassioned introduction from the editors (that would be girliejones and benpayne) about good fiction reflecting and shaping the spirit of its time, offering a warning and a call to action. Along with the highly specific time frame, this seems to impose an additional burden on the contents. Would this really happen by 2012, I asked myself more than once. Would this happen at all? If a story doesn't make me want to sign a petition, has it failed? (Or am I the one who has failed?)

It's a tricky thing, because I agree with the editors on many of the strengths of a good story, and you certainly have to say something in an Introduction. If it was an ideal, then I don't think it was reached, not consistently anyway. If it was a limitation, the stories broke free in all sorts of different directions, which seems a good thing to me.
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