David C (ashamel) wrote,
David C

The last couple of days have mainly been me stuffing around on the computer, backing things up, resizing partitions, buying the Britannica cheapish, upgrading my firewall and virus protection etc, etc. So far, everything seems to have gone very well, with the exception of the firewall. I might put Zone Alarm back on instead (I'm sure there is a way to connect our LAN back together through the McAfee firewall, but McAfee doesn't seem keen to tell me how. And maybe the trouble I've started having with Opera is just a coincidence...).

I've also been working on the new campaign, and have even written my first d20 feat! Gosh darn. Whether it's any good or not is yet to be decided. And as almost always happens at this point, I've downloaded a demo copy of Campaign Cartographer, with the wistful idea that I might have enough ability and enough uses for the software to justify the cost, but knowing this is not really the case. Since the last time I did this, my map-making skills have actually increased noticeably, mostly thanks to the work for Eden, although that was all houses, castles, town layout, etc. Terrain is a different problem. For Unua I resorted to coloured blobs on graph paper, and stealing town maps from all sorts of strange places (that was when TSR was starting putting modules up on the web, and I cannibalised some of them mercilessly). Now, I'll probably just resort to a photocopy from my giant book. But, maybe... maybe...
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