David C (ashamel) wrote,
David C

Cat's Eye is a relatively obscure Stephen King movie -- an anthology film most noted for being King's first screenplay. I've just watched it my current trawl through the backlist of such flicks (and no, it's not just to have something to talk about on lj), and discovered it may be small, but it is perfectly formed. The writing fits the characters and slightly surreal situations perfectly, the actors are pretty much all excellent (including the 12 cats used as the central character), the direction and the special effects great. The main problem is probably the 80s pap over the end credits (it gets good use out of Every Breath You Take though. Hey, maybe that was even for the first time -- see The Sopranos, etc).

Admittedly the fact that the last story is the weakest of them is also a problem, but again I think the actors and effects carry it off well (and special mention to the parents, who made what is generally a thankless pair of roles work really well).

As is reasonably well-known, the prologue that explains what the cat is actually doing throughout the movie was cut, and that might have improved things. It does still exist (Lewis Teague mentions watching it recently in his sparse but interesting commentary), though by his description it seems cutting might have been best -- it apparently involves a mother trying to kill the cat with a machine gun, destroying her home in the process...) I would have liked to see it on the DVD though.

Anyway, it's not the scariest movie out there, but the first two stories in particular capture a real sense of nastiness with an edge of whimsy, and the whole is a pleasure to watch.
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