David C (ashamel) wrote,
David C

It occurred to me some time ago that Prisoner of Azkaban is about the only chance we have for a good Harry Potter movie. I like the first two, but I wouldn't describe them as good. The more I see of this one, the more I think that assumption is justified. Cuarón is obviously not afraid to change the look of things, and now we're seeing some actual Scottish-looking heath which looks a lot rawer than the original. Good to see.

We still likely have the problem of too much plot, making the first two crammed with somewhat pedantic progression of story. I think the only room the audience has to breathe in Philosopher's Stone is the two scenes with just Harry and Hedwig, which are just great. There's a similar (if flashier) scene in #2 I seem to remember, except I think it's not in the movie itself, just on the DVD.

But if the producers are brave enough to bring Cuarón in and give him room to move, they hopefully have taken similar steps with the script.
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