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Fantasy Fest

Anyone remember Dragonslayer (Matthew Robbins, 1981)? It's one of the quintessential fantasy movies, with perhaps the best dragons ever put on film, supported admirably by a delightfully cynical plot. Yet very few people seem to have seen it, in part because video releases have been few and far between. We were only talking about it a week or two ago, conjecturing Disney (one of the production companies involved) was burying it on account of its non-cuteness.

Well, we can complain no longer, since in two days time it's out on DVD (in the States at least). Once again, yay for DVD. It's not got lots of features, from what I can see, but a good widescreen print would be enough.

(But wait, I'm half-way through a month or two of not buying anything, in an attempt to economise. Hmmm. Kyla...!)

Just randomly, has anyone seen the extras on the Dark Crystal DVD? It shows some of the original footage when the entire thing (or at least the Skeksis and Mystics) was done without English. Now that would have been a trip.

And does anyone else think Scrutator is the silliest name for a fantasy novel ever? (Out now from Ian Irvine) Yes, it is a real job description, 'one who scrutinises', but it seems far more likely to inspire thoughts of vegetable fetishes.

(And new RPG stuff is happening, which will be reported once I work out precisely what it is)
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