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Kill Bill (v1)

And that's what you get for fucking around with the yakuza.
The Bride
So, what was Kill Bill like?

Operatic, intimate, violent, outrageous, elegant, degrading, geeky, meticulous, empowering, dangerous, asexy, fun.

But was it any good?

Well, yes. I think Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are better, being more real (and with more good dialogue), but this is a different type of beast, and I have no complaints. I even thought the amount of material in Volume 1, and the ending, were just right, whatever the reasons were for splitting it in two. It also has the most efficient looking fight scenes I can think of -- the characters look like they are trying to seriously hurt each other in as short a time as possible, within (and sometimes without) the rules of their world.

(Grosse Pointe Blank is another movie with a particularly efficient fight scene, I mention in passing -- and not the one where the thug shoots up the convenience store.)

So go see it already!

(Edit: Added link to a review -- click on piccie. It's got a slow patch in the middle, but is pretty funny. Not as weird as the review that compared KB to a graphic Amélie...)
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