David C (ashamel) wrote,
David C

Comic Roundup

We went to town yesterday to watch League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but didn't end up doing so. Thanks to last a minute effort by benpeek and various other reviewers, we held off. I'll watch it one day, but probably when it's less expensive (or provides more bang for the buck).

Instead I ended up buying Volume 1 of the comic. Haven't read it yet, though Kyla seems quite some way in.

I also bought Matchsticks, an interesting comic with ties to Eden (Alex actually sent me a copy when it first came out, but that was in the Buffy package that never arrived, so I hope some customs official likes it, grumble, grumble). It's a look at mobsters and martial artists on the streets of Hong Kong, with vampires thrown in for good measure. It all seemed to hold together well with some decent writing and plotting, not to mention lots of sex and violence (usually at the same time), and it would have been interesting to see it continue. As far as I can tell, though, it's yet another comic with a lifespan of 1 issue (the domain name has gone away, for a start, which isn't a good sign). Eden's involvement was that the various characters had Unisystem write-ups at the end (and possibly some sort of distribution deal -- I don't know the particulars). It's interesting to see them involved in some reasonably hard core material, since my main involvement with them thus far has been with Buffy-type stuff (and even Buffy, the TV show, seems too hard core for the Fox approval process sometimes).

I recently read The Crumpleton Experiments #2. I'm not sure it had the verve (or novelty) that made the first issue the most interesting Aussie comic in ages (and there have been some good ones), but it followed through with its tales of freudian adventures and emotions ripped out into physical form, which is a good sign for its existance as a title rather than a couple of issues. Also Worlds Away #1, which is a more measured look at supernatural incursion, spending its time establishing the setting and characters before getting to the aliens. Whodda thunk it? Haven't said that, I was still a little underwhelmed.

Read the latest Dork Tower last week as well. Once again... interesting but short. Apparently next time round we get a bumper issue, so we'll see how that goes (after my previous rant, I thought I'd send a note to John Kovalic to explain my POV. I suspect it all came across as rather petulant, even if more politely phrased, though he sent a nice reply back).
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