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Clive Barker
We are back from Continuum, and mostly recovered, so here's some random observations from the weekend:
  • Firstly, Avalon is a very strange place to put an airport.
  • I haven't read any Charles Stross, but he was a great guest. There were all sorts of other interesting people as well — I'm never quite sure what Dave Cake does (apart from his work on Borderlands), but he always has good things to say.
  • Last year's great debate proved an impossible act to follow, but this year's one (on whether we have achieved the future we were promised) had some fascinating points to make — even if it was hard to tell who was on which side.
  • Given the lesser number of panels, I suspect my suggestion to talk about Dario Argento was sensibly vetoed. However, I do think some more specialised horror is still a good idea. We did of course have two panels on Stephen King, but that was justified by the presence of our very own King super-expert, Rocky Wood. And anyway, I was on both and can (and probably did) ramble rather a lot on the subject. One was supposed to be a debate over his literary worth, but we couldn't find anyone to argue the negative. I was playing devil's advocate somewhat, and it was interesting to see the reactions to some of the things I was less keen on.
  • I was also on the panel about gore vs suspence in horror flicks. Like the King one there was little actual debate, as we all agree gore was a good tool in the right hands, and then we just talked about our favourite movies. I brought up Nekromantic for no apparent reason, but I think I was working towards a comparison with Kissed somewhere down the line.
  • Speaking of movies, the panel on coming attractions gave me the impression I wouldn't be visiting the cinema any time soon — but The Prestige does look funky.
  • The distopia panel was strangely optimistic, whereas the political correctness panel almost descended into actual argument.
We also have photos, if not really enough for a proper gallery.

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Suspect what you save in air fares is lost in extra petrol needed to get into Melbourne. If you caught an airport bus (if indeed one exists) how much did it cost? Viv

The bus was $16 each to the city, or $25 if you wanted to be dropped off at your hotel (which we did, since we were running about 2 hours late by that point, what with fog-delayed planes and all). But we had to grab a cab on the way out, which was $85. So I think that was the last time we'll do that.

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