December 23rd, 2009

Nick and Nat

(no subject)

I haven't written much recently, but if I had, I guess I'd say:
  • I recently found another review of Prismatic. Is pretty favourable.
  • The November Playboy, complete with Marge Simpson centrefold and Stephen King poem, is an odd thing. But it is a pretty cool poem. (He has another one out in March, or thereabouts.)
  • I saw Drag Me to Hell. It was a bit disappointing, actually.
  • I bought Juke Baritone's album The Salted Man. I think I must grab his other one as well.
  • Somehow I don't think there's much point putting stuff on it up for the Hottest 100, but I'm not sure why he's not played on Triple J.
  • Uh oh, better say I liked Bertie Blackman as well.
  • Dexter Season 3 is a bit poor thus far. But The Wire S2 isn't.
  • The D&D game appears to be working.
  • Icecrown Citadel is great. (But waiting in Dalaran for a weekly raid group is tedious enough for me to actually attempt to write a journal entry.)
  • I have a twitter account. If I don't have much to say, I guess I should say it briefly.