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Mixed Messages
as seen on the back of a ute this morning.
Hunting = Conservation
Don't send our troops to Iraq
(send tactical nukes instead)

(no subject)
Ghosts of the Civil Dead
We ventured out to see two movies last week -- The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and The Box. Really, I'm not sure I have much to say about them.

The first looked great, but I found myself more or less unaffected by it. The stakes or the characters never resonated much, beyond the 'she's pretty, he's dead' level.

The second managed to extend itself beyond its simple original idea, with an amalgam of other Twilight Zone type imagery. It was an interesting approach that could have worked (especially the mix of dilemmas, national and personal), but never quite did. kylaw pointed out some gender issues, which do indeed seem dodgy.

So I guess that's said then.