October 27th, 2009

Sierpinski Triangle

A longish weekend

Looking back, it has been quite a busy couple of days, in a leisurely sense.
  • I finished up the 'Long Strange Trip' achievement in WoW, which is fairly well named -- having taken me since last December, on and off.
  • Went around to jack_ryder's for Space Hulk. It seems odd to me that a game's introductory scenario would be so dramatically slanted to one side -- but that does seem the point, as our brave (if clumsy) space marines face the alien hordes. As long as you swap sides (which we did), all is good. We also got some Dungeon Twister in, which was also unbalanced, if only because I rudely started with an aggressive forward march that is hard to counter without experience.
  • (Dungeon Twister is coming to the XBox soon. I'm not sure if you'll be able to see the board properly in such a medium, but I'll certainly give it a go.)
  • Iain also showed me Left4Dead, which I've been meaning to catch up with. Somehow the setting for Borderlands appeals a little more -- it's another 4 character co-op game, albeit with levelling and Mad Max chic. Reviews have been mixed.
  • Seeing as WoW is indeed an influence on D&D 4e, I thought I'd push the comparison and introduce some boss concepts into a D&D battle. It didn't go quite as I expected, but it worked well enough for the game in progress.
  • Went into to town to catch up with my brother, who flew in for business, and seems to be doing very well.
  • Bought Fallout 3, now that the expanded edition is out. I peeked at a couple of online discussions on skill distribution, which I think will help. I will ignore the suggestion to keep reloading each conversation until the desired result is reached (but is this much different to reloading until I manage to keep the sheriff of Megaton alive?)
  • Read some Stephen King comics -- the latest Stand, Dark Tower, and Talisman. I don't think RF embarrassed herself with her first actual writing gig, and the Marvel series continue their somewhat rambling pace. Maybe I should switch to the trades (which will no doubt be in hard cover). I see Steve has an original series with Vertigo coming out next year, American Vampire, with might be fun.
  • Watched some more NCIS, in our occasional rush when we get whole seasons out from the library (now S3). I see we've entered 'torture is necessary' territory, so I'll be interested to see how thay plays out. Going into Gibbs' past might be dodgy too. But they do good things.
  • Saw War, Inc, on the dubious premise that it is an 'informal sequel' to Grosse Pointe Blank. That's true enough, but it's mostly a giddying satire on mercenaries and the Iraq war -- perhaps too giddying to build to the emotional heights, but well worth a look.
  • I didn't finish the DA crossword, but got a lot further than last week, when the theme was comedians.
  • The weekend continued over length, mostly because my car was in service, and I had to get some art (not mine) into town for the Under the Blue Moon art comp. This variously involved raiding Jintha'Alor temple and defeating Lego Manbat.
  • Also played some XBox arcade demo about dropping building blocks onto ever more unsteady towers. Because, you know, I'm almost 40 and wouldn't want to be bored.