September 9th, 2009

Ghosts of the Civil Dead

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Having got through my panic at watching yesterday's discussion on horror, as already covered (hopefully I was giving the impression that was mainly about my state of mind, rather than any serious attempt to critique a show I hadn't actually watched -- previous dodgy experiences on Aussie TV notwithstanding) I actually watched it.

It was pretty good. Shallow by necessity, but it at least indicated there were people who had given the subject a lot of thought, and had some useful things to say about it. It carefully managed to avoid talking movies for the most part as well, which as a horror panellist I know is hard -- it's such a shared language you tend to gravitate that way. As for the strange mound of books they had on the table, from which they made recommendations, I had no idea where they came from or what they meant. So references to The Werewolf of Paris, for example, were without context. And no talk of zombies, which doesn't seem a bad thing to me.

Anyway, it will no doubt appear on the website at some point, and isn't to be feared.

ETA: Here it is, under 'Jennifer Byrne Presents'.