September 4th, 2009


Broken Toys

I've done it again. If I need to complain about my writing, I should probably just do it in my own journal rather than leave cryptic comments in other people's.

So, yeah, my writing is not going so well. Which is to say I haven't written anything significant for over three years, and the insignificant bits were painful. I have had no new ideas for stories, and spending time (and money) developing the old ones didn't work. I seem to have lost track of modern horror, and any contacts in the RPG industry (except the ones that owe me money, who refuse to acknowledge my existence).

I do have my own RPG game, but that is... bad. (I look back at the giddy days of Ravenloft where I managed to juggle character, plot and combat in ways that supported each other, more or less.)

Anyway, there is my little confession. Not a particularly traumatic one as things go, I guess, but I'm not quite sure what or how to be something other than a writer.