August 17th, 2009

Melinda Clarke

(no subject)

I am back from the wilds of Melbourne, and a fun time was had. I didn't end up seeing huge amounts of the actual convention: I missed over half the sessions and managed to fail to chat with almost everyone, alas (for want of trying, no doubt). But what I did get to was pretty cool.

The Apocalyptic City panel wasn't the disaster I had vaguely imagined, and the time travel one covered lots of ground (it was interesting that almost the entire room, including most panellists including myself, had given up on Lost long before all the time travel). The Untapped Fears panel went a little further than the same-old modern horror panel that happens every time. The guests were pretty good value too; all that concentrated vampire discussion led me to recommend Young Dracula to a room full of people.

I learned to juggle, which went better than might be expected.

Elsewhere, it was a weekend of experimental entertainment, in form if not content. I saw my first 3D movie since... Jaws 3D maybe. My dodgy eyes didn't really process the extra dimension, but Coraline itself was fairly funky. This was followed by watching a cinema movie from the comfort of a beanbag, which worked.

I also experienced a play from the comfort of my hotel room, which lost something in translation. Well, the play was at Monash Uni and I wasn't, so I may have to count the cost of the ticket as a donation to the arts (and not the last).

I visited the family for a night of armed conflict (I got buried in a cairn of cardboard) and bean fields. The kids picked up the idea of trading (and refusing to trade) different rarities of beans very quickly.

And lastly, a trip to artbroken for Rock Band and conversation. Is all good.