August 10th, 2009


Some things

Prismatic has been reviewed over at Scary Minds. He liked it.

I will be in Melbourne this weekend, at Continuum. My panels are 'The Apocalyptic City' (Friday, 11pm) and 'Time Travel Can Really Ruin Your Day' (Sat 5pm, and then again at Sat 5pm).

We saw The Midnight Meat Train last night. It has lots of good elements that, alas, don't add up to an awful lot. Too much repetition of slaughter and fisticuffs, and uneven plotting, distract from the characters, central mythology, and sombre mood. (Does it say anything about me that I recognised Ted Raimi but not Brooke Shields?)


our D&D campaign seems to be gathering momentum. As usual, GMing tends to be more stressful than not (but it's better than the alternative). I do think 4th edition is a pretty good fit for the game, although we're still stumbling through the fine details somewhat.

My players write up the sessions as journal posts, and this fine tradition continues at chainofsuns for those interested.

ETA: It should probably be mentioned that, while I quite like the rules (with the caveat that I tend to ignore them as needed, as with all rpgs), it is not a unanimous view. Inflexible and overly complex are some alternate views from the table. All may crumble yet.

(no subject)

We've just come back from District 9 (thanks to the people at Kings) -- along with half the Sydney SF community, judging by overheard conversation and recognisable faces.

Yes, Sydney has a SF community; or so it is rumoured.

Anyway, this may only confirm my descent into irascible dotage, but I wasn't a big fan of it. It sort of reminded me of Torchwood: Children of Earth. Very well made, but the sheer impossibility of the premise lost me along the way. I guess the difference between that and, say, Terminator: Salvation (which I quite enjoyed, despite being rubbish), was the earnestness of the metaphor. If you are going to say humanity is basically crap (a well-supported argument), you should at least present events that humanity can react to in some sort of realistic fashion.

None of which tells you what the movie is about. It's sort of Enemy Mine and Welcome to Sarajevo stuffed into a telepod with Brundle-fly and a mech.

Legal disclaimers follow: Kyla quite liked it; any indication from the above that I may have seen Welcome to Sarajevo are illusory.