July 26th, 2009


A ramble about film

I have been attempting to convalesce this week -- as unsuccessfully as usual -- although I guess I better take my coughing self back to work tomorrow. That has meant lots of movies, from a double dose of Coen Brothers to Be Kind, Rewind (what were they thinking?) and the giddying Empire of the Wolves (which had roughly enough genres for the rest of the week put together).

So I don't feel guilty by finishing with Highlander at all.

In the mean time, Oz HorrorScope reports that Quentin Tarantino is hosting a viewing and Q&A with his own copy of Dark Age, through Popcorn Taxi. I guess his enthusiasm in Not Quite Hollywood is unfeigned. Since writing the beginning of this paragraph, I have discovered that is sold out, so vaguely have my eye on the following event, a remastered copy of Dogs in Space, instead. Maybe that will just be impetus to finally watch my own copy (or at least see if the VHS still works).