May 17th, 2009


(no subject)

I saw Gamerz again last night. I enjoyed it more the second time around (see my initial review here), and the various flaws such as the rather flat ending seemed less important. This is often the way on my (infrequent) second viewings, as I worry less about structure and groove along with the characters more. It makes me wonder about the whole process of reviewing. When can you give a fair assessment of something?

This is entirely unrelated to the fact that I had to decline to do some reviews for someone yesterday, despite being very nicely asked.

Meanwhile, I was asked about 4e in that link above. The supposed start of my game hasn't lead anywhere yet, but it may do. At this point my main problem is with NPCs, I guess. The character classes are pretty complicated, which is fine for the players, but bringing in a quick human (who doesn't match the ones in the MM) for or against the party is another matter. Maybe I'm missing something.