April 17th, 2009

Nick and Nat

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I've been playing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, a bit late to the party, I know. And it's not that bad, though I can see where the bad reviews are coming from. The most frustrating thing so far has some been some of the non-combat puzzles, and I spent one third of my 3-day loan advancing 100m up a corridor. I solved Tuesday's frustrating road block only to come up against another one immediately.

The story is interesting, but already showing signs of being dodgy. Collapse ) It is very pretty, and the combat is sort of cool. I am attempting to reform my button-mashing ways. I can see myself coming back to it if I find a cheap copy, and some time.

If I develop some zen like patience in defiance of the fiddly problems, maybe I'll join the light side after all.