March 30th, 2009

Melinda Clarke

(no subject)

We dragged our complaining bods in to two more sessions of A Night of Horror yesterday, and right glad we were of it. The Lovecraft section was full of variety, from the very silly (in particular Casting Call of Cthulhu) to the moody and effective. A Mere Et Marees was a beautiful, subdued look a family in crisis (with fish people), and AM1200 was a lovingly made piece of paranoia and monsters. The Book Dealers was a bit rougher in its animation than Saturday's examples but was more coherent (in its own strange way). It reminded me of The Crumpleton Experiments, which is a good thing. Ian Hunter was on hand to present his short Allure. The film wasn't entirely successful (and it was amusing to see he wasn't expecting it in the Lovecraft section), but he provided an interesting look at his processes and the business.

After all that was the feature, Finale. This was a great coup, being the world premiere of a beautiful bit of old school occult horror. It was made desperately cheaply by a couple of guys just out of film school, but it looks fabulous and has commendable detail and ambition (if occasional incoherence). I hope it gains wide distribution. The director and producer were on hand to provide entertaining and harrowing accounts of the filming.