March 21st, 2009

Clive Barker

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I have been invited by my old high school to mentor some students, as part of a Boys to Men program. A worthy goal, no doubt, but one to which I am ill-suited.

Now, if they had a Boys to Undead Warlocks program... I might be able to learn something.

I found myself in a dark wood, for I had strayed from the straight pathway to this tangled ground

They're making an xbox game based on The Divine Comedy.
...and that the game's hero, while still based on Dante, will be less of a politician/poet and more of an action hero.

At the start, cutscenes ... will tell us that Dante is back from serving as a soldier during the Crusades, wrestles a massive scythe from Death himself, then goes back home to discover that his love, Beatrice, has been slain. He then goes on a mission to save her from Hell.

The creepiest section was at the end of our gameplay, and the antagonists were a swarm of small creatures—which, we were told, are unbaptized babies. While their features look like toddlers, they’re brutal in their attacks, which are enhanced by their long, bladed arms.

...culminating with a face-off against Lucifer, who is "the ultimate end boss."

If it's successful, will they go onto to purgatory and heaven? I never managed it.

(Note that any mocking that shall and will be done, may not preclude me from renting said game and giving it a go. Then again, it's not like I've played anything on the console since the pain of Mirror's Edge.)