March 18th, 2009


(no subject)

Last week, I won myself a double pass to a screening of Knowing, organised by New Scientist. That has now been canceled, for unspecified reasons. I wonder idly if it was because the science was too dodgy, even for them...

(Not that I want to denigrate the mag, but they do seem overly sensationalist at times.)

Anyway, it's all alright, since I won a second set of tickets from King's Comics (and apparently I will get an option for a different movie later on). I'm only in for Alex Proyas, since Nick Cage is best avoided these days, but I won't say no to Rose Byrne.

ETA: Not that I can say that much against Nick, I guess, when the only movies I've seen of his in the last decade were Lord of War and Adaptation, both of which were pretty good. Grindhouse too, if you count that. That's a lot of movies I have avoided, though.