March 16th, 2009

Nick and Nat

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We saw another gaming movie this weekend: Gamerz. It was rather different from Gamers 2, trying more for a naturalistic drama about a group and their misadventures with romance and reality -- not to mention what happens when the local dope dealer wants to roll up a character. It skated an interesting line between humour and drama, mostly in a friendly manner. The performances (and Glaswegian accents) had a lot of charm, which helped through the more dubious events, though didn't save the lack of a real resolution. If they replaced the denouement about the protagonist's classwork with the alternative ending on the DVD, it would have improved things, I think.

The shadow sets of the game re-enactments were a nice idea.

In the meantime, I started a 4e campaign on the weekend. Hopefully we won't all go mad, or resort to switch-blades.