February 26th, 2009



I guess the problem with setting out catch up on some crap movies, is that you're likely to end up with crap movies. As such, I guess I could have done a lot worse.

Actually, there is a lot wrong with Elektra. Just by watching the extras we discover the director thinks the entire structure is compromised by having to maintain the rating, and that any sort of redemptive storyline betrays the essence of the character. The action sequences were almost entirely rubbish, the mythology was trite and the superpowers all over the place. They didn't even make a token effort to balance racial dodginess. But it all looked pretty good (actually helped by the fact Ms Garner spent so little time in the signature costume), and there was a sadness and a sense of damage to the character that was interesting. Worth a look.

The dvd had a lengthy documentary on the comic in its various incantations, which I have never read. Maybe I should, but I suspect it may be too late for me.

On the other hand, Prince Caspian was a genuine surprise. It had a broader scope than the first movie, and some really good action. When your CS Lewis adaptation has more visceral fight scenes than the superhero assassin movie, something is going wrong. The political machinations was pretty standard, but well conveyed. The cute bits were actually cute, for the most part. Our four protagonists who have grown to adulthood and royalty (not to mention weapon mastery), but remain in the bodies of kids, made for a very interesting centre. It certainly could have gone deeper and farther, and remained a bit of a religious mish-mash, but a fine effort.