February 23rd, 2009

Melinda Clarke

(no subject)

I loved Dead Like Me, the series, and thought it ended on exactly the right note. I wasn't sure I even wanted to see a follow-on, but it turns out the new movie is pretty good.

Not real good, since there is enough plot to make up a half-season arc. It ends up rushed and lop-sided, and never makes a great deal of sense. But the characters are there, and there is plenty of weirdness, so I was happy enough.

It seems pretty remarkable that they got so much of the original cast, with one notable exception. They also recast Daisy, which was a bit sad -- I really liked Sarah Wynter in Dead Zone, but a bimbo role (even this rather complex one) didn't suit her.

If you haven't watched the series, I wouldn't recommend starting here. They try to explain it all at the beginning, but I can't imagine a newcomer getting much out of it. One for nostalgia, if not much more.