February 16th, 2009

Grosse Pointe Blank

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We finally saw Peter Jackson's King Kong last night, having delayed this long because a movie about a giant gorilla doesn't seem all that interesting, really. Still, it is part of our local library's small and strange collection of DVDs to borrow for nix, so we gave it a go.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the giant gorilla was the best part. It was the human characters who were mostly ill-defined and stuck in meandering sub-plots. What was up with the captain, or the actor -- or Jack Black's character for that matter? Would Heart of Darkness have been improved by a dinosaur traffic jam?

Anyway, I guess we can tick it off on the ledger of life.

We also got Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang for the same reason, though I'd seen it before. Deeply strange and somewhat worrying. Much better.