January 22nd, 2009


Bloody Comics

People who remember my review of The List (which I separately reviewed for Black), or who just like a bit of ultra-violence and religious mania in their comic books, will be glad to see Volume 2 is out now. I've got the cover up here.

For people who remember Repo Man, I've also added Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday, which is a very strange thing indeed. I'll be talking more about that in the next Black. (It looks rather more lush inside than the cover makes it appear.)

And the_christian points out another anthology from Gestalt (who did Waldo and Character Sketches) is up for pre-order on Amazon: Flinch. For those who know less about comics, Shaun Tan and Terry Dowling may strike your interest from the contributor's list.

Nick and Nat

(no subject)

We just saw a doco about freeforming / LARPing called Monster Camp. Maybe it was my skewed perspective as an intermittent monster for Yseda, but it seemed very unfocused (not just the camera work). It was really hard to work out what this game they were playing was actually about. There was some sort of mention of sexual politics within character races, and boss monster encounters, but the only actual story mentioned was killing spiders to make sausages. (I think I did that in the Ghostlands this week.)

They were more concerned with the people than the game, and most of them came across as a rather sad bunch. World of Warcraft did not escape lightly either. I don't think it was malicious, and may indeed be entirely accurate, it was just hard to tell.