January 7th, 2009

Sierpinski Triangle

If you're reading this, I have been assassinated

Or livejournal has.

Or maybe I just hit Post at the wrong time.

Whether or not lj's problems are a beat-up, it seems a useful time to get an archive happening, and ljArchive is a zippy solution. Precisely what I do with the archive in case of emergency is yet to be determined, but it's nice to have it all anyway. I note my first ever comment conversation was with benpeek regarding Nikita.

I also set up an insane journal, just for the hell of it -- and because facebook is really not the same.

(Apparently ljArchive requires .net, which I'm not really a fan of -- just on general principles. But I downloaded it recently for the D&D 4e character generator, which turns out to be very nifty.)