December 31st, 2003

Dark Tower

Comic Capers

It's been an eventful day for the Oz Comics section of our website, with suden appearances of an interview with Tad Pietrzykowski (creator of 1980s comic Dark Nebula), and an enthusiastic review of the anthropomorphic SF title Terinu (reviewed by TalNon, who knows quite a bit about that sort of stuff).

It'd be nice to say it's been an eventful year for Australian comics, but I don't think I can stretch that far. The purchase of the latest 24 hour comic Flickering Ends a while ago was going to produce a rant from me about the whole business -- except it turned out to be pretty good, which took the wind from my sails. Nonetheless, whilst being able to create a comic in 24 hours may be a good disciplinary challenge, if that's all there is for the consumer to buy, things aren't looking good.

There was some stuff, of course. Best of all was The Crumpleton Experiments which continues to be fascinating with the recent release of #3. We had some interesting stretches into the mainstream with The Bunker and perhaps Tales From Under Your Bed, though I'm not sure either showed off the best of their creators. There were some good collected work, and some other things, including a new mini-series Worlds Away, and the continuation of a few on-going titles.

There was also some stuff I didn't manage to notice, I suspect, but it was probably the flattest year since 1999 or so. So let's hope all the 24 hour titles produce some honed issues for 2004.
Dark Tower

All she wrote

And what else is there to say about the year? Not a lot.

Saw some movies, most of which are very difficult to compare with each other. Top ten, in no particular order: Kill Bill V1, Master and Commander, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Undead, The Return of the King, Buffalo Soldiers, 28 Days Later, Russian Ark, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and The Good Thief. Honorable mentions to Rules of Attraction, Pirates of the Caribbean and Chicago.

Then again, we didn't watch an awful lot more than that. Thing we wished we'd watched include: Lost in La Mancha, Spider, In the Cut, Japanese Story, Intacto and The Quiet American. We'll probably just see T3 instead. Also, we knew some of the people behind Making Venus, so probably should have seen Money Shot at least.

Best books we read (not necessarily from this year): An Anthropolgist on Mars, by Oliver Sacks, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, by JK Rowling, The Dark Tower 1-5 by Stephen King, Gathering the Bones edited by Jack Dann, Ramsey Campbell and Dennis Etchison, While I Live, by John Marsden, The Autumn Castle by Kim Wilkins, A Short History of Nearly Everything, by Bill Bryson, A History of God by Karen Armstrong, Do or Die by Léon Bing, and On the Beach by Nevil Shute. Other interesting things include The Eyre Affair, Abarat, Ilium, Blue Box and Southern Blood. That's not it, of course (but we should have read more anyway).

2003 in 20 words:

Lots of writing (Demon books appeared), attempted to relax, work got worse, visited Jenolan Caves, watched the war, basically survived

And that's it. 4 hours, 14 minutes to go. Better cook dinner then.
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