December 30th, 2003

Dark Tower

When colours attack

Another video fest has come and gone. This time round it was Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter, some short films of Jan Svankmajer, and then the lush hues of Suspiria.

Captain Kronos, while not a lively as Vampire Circus, was nonetheless an interesting variation on the Hammer tropes -- especially notable is the scene in which they experiment to find how to kill this breed of vamp. Certainly some atmospheric bits and good red herrings, and a central hero who isn't entirely charming, but reasonably effective.

Jan Svankmajer is very odd indeed, meanwhile. We're not sure what all of the things on screen were, but it was certainly disturbing to see them move. Of the selection we saw A Game With Stones, Picnic with Weissmann and Fall of the House of Usher, which was a good selection. Now of course we want to check the stuff like Alice, Castle of Otranto and Ossuary. Scary prospects...

Suspiria was, well, Argento. Not his most intricate plot, but one of his most atmospheric and beautiful movies.

Meanwhile, we finished off the weekend read-through of Jon's book, if not quite the book itself. By that point hysteria had set in anyway. We rounded out the evening with a good family visit (the postponed christmas lunch, and our chance to see my brother before he dashed off to England again), and The Third Man, excellent noir from the golden age.

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Oh yeah, somewhere in there we saw Return of the King. It was good. Kyla in particular greatly enjoyed it. I'm not really one to appreciate spectacle (it's a visual/brain thing, I think), but it all held together -- somewhat better than the 'standard' T2T did, for example.
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