December 27th, 2003

Dark Tower

I am a Free Man

We've just back from a solid day's read through on Jon's new novel (actually a collaboration, but I probably shouldn't say too much about that sort of thing). We're halfway through, and it's going pretty well -- lot's of work to be done, but that's always the way of such things (he says, looking at his own manuscript in deespair).

This is a reasonably regular thing, for Kate or Jon's work. We alternate chapters, find all the unexpected sexual inneundo, natter about Hofstadter (well, occasionally), give opinions on what needs to be done, and quote Monty Python (more often). As long as I get to read something dramatic (which I did), I'm happy. It does lead to the slightly strange situation that we really only know most of their published works in first draft.

Tomorrow, we're back into the breach, if not to the very end, as events seem to be transpiring.

Meanwhile, my Temp directory has disappeared. Da hell? That does not inpsire me with confidence.
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