December 25th, 2003

Dark Tower

But not mine

So we're going off to the rellies for lunch, and Triple J is playing there top 10 list of Jesus songs -- ending, of course, with Jesus is Way Cool. But they missed we would have chosen -- like Jesus Almost Got Me by Anita Lane, JC by Powderfinger, Jesus Met The Woman At The Well by Nick Cave (yeah, it's actually traditional), and Jesus Forgive Me (For the Things I'm About to Say) by Concrete Blonde. We'd also like to put a good word in for Patti Smith's version of Gloria.

Lunch was great meanwhile, and various presents went down well (as did the one we sent down to the nephews, apparently -- a very spiffy globe of the world from Aus Geographic). We also got some nice stuff in return, particularly some fabulous home-made mosaics, some Tanith Lee, and Donnie Darko.

Then home again (the other family is being put off for a few days). I'm sort of out of my habit of reading really depressing things on Christmas Day, just for the hell of it (depending on what I thought was depressing at the time, from Go Ask Alice to de Sade -- now I might as well stick with the Herald). But we managed to watch 'Whoever Did This', #4.9 of The Sopranos, and that was one of the best -- and most harrowing -- of the season thus far. So everything worked out well.