December 24th, 2003

Dark Tower

DVD Addiction

Godammit. I've finally found a DVD copy of Abel Ferrara's Addiction, which has never been put out in R1. There is a R2 copy, but... it's full-screen. What's the point!? Especially since the pan and scan on this particular title annoyed me greatly when we watched the Aussie VHS release.

Meanwhile I am, as ever, on the verge of buying New Rose Hotel. It's a Ferrara movie, based on a William Gibson short, starring Christopher Walken. It's even in widescreen! But it's expensive and, from reviews, not actually very good (I vaguely remember reports of a budget meltdown or something). Still, I feel its time is coming, probably with some more Argento special additions and -- maybe -- Scarlet Diva, just because.

Today has gone pretty good. It was a half day at work due to the upcoming religious festival (who knew they'd treat Return of the King so seriously?). I got there very early regardless, trying to get something finished before my upcoming holidays. That didn't work (bloody BLOBs), but an ugly problem I've been trying to resolve for about 6 weeks reared up again -- and this time I resolved it, with minutes to spare before lunch. Follow that by the appearance of a White Wolf cheque, and a third of While I Live, and there's naught to complain about.

WIL isn't too bad so far, though I hope its scope expands a little (it has its reasons). One thing that sprang out at me was the sudden mention of the Strokes and the Vines. It grounds the story a bit, but leads to interesting questions about when the invasion happened, and what happened to the rock scene during and after... It's a long way to the top, when under military control.