December 22nd, 2003

Dark Tower

The Interview

FilmInk Magazine has a regular section called FilmInk Jocks, where they interview sports stars about movies (this would be Australia, then). The latest issue has Luisa Browett interviewing Tony Hawk, who is allegedly a skateboard champ (you can't miss it -- it's the page which also has Rowan Atkinson looking suspiciously like Johnny Depp from 21 Jump St). Here are the questions. The answers are mine.

What's the first film you can remember seeing?: Maybe The Empire Strikes Back. That's more because of what happened at the theatre (which is not really my story to tell), but I remember the lightsabre and the carbonite scene.

Who are your most admired actors and actresses?: There's really no actor I'd go to a movie specifically to see. But Christopher Walken is great. Nicole Kidman, Jeff Goldblum, Jennifer Connolly, Sam Neill and Linda Blair are some names to come to mind, some from the past. John Cusack, if only for Grosse Pointe Blank and Being John Malkovich. And don't you say anything against Liz Montgomery.

Do you have a preferred genre or type of film?: Weird hit men movies: Grosse Pointe Blank, The Professional, Nikita and spin-offs, frig'xample. Horror (but not recent horror in particular).

What was the last film you saw at the cinema?: Lost in Translation

Are you a fan of DVD?: Good gosh golly yes.

At the video shop, do you check for old favourites, or head straight to new releases?: I head for the movie I have already decided on, generally speaking. I usually check out the new releases just see what has slipped under the radar -- Saint Sinner for example. But if I go to hire something just to watch a movie, I always end up wandering about, watching all the crap movies bleed together so even the titles I was interested in upon release seem unappealing. So when I do hire something, it's not usually in New Releases (cheaper that way too). Back when we were doing TR I was a member of about 12 different video shops, just so I could grab what I needed when I needed it.

What is the worse movie you have seen recently: this year, my least favourite was probably Ned Kelly. Dreamcatcher was arguably worse, but I sort of liked it.

Have you ever seen a film you've watched and disliked, but ended up appreciating?: not sure about that. I see few movies more than once (even if I subsequently buy them to keep), and hardly ever if I didn't like them the first time round. Maybe something will come to mind later.

When at the movies, what are your munchies of choice?: That's a bit of a sensitive question for someone in my condition. Who wrote these things?

Do you stay for the credits, or walk out as soon as the lights come on?: I don't really understand people who walk out as soon as the credits start. I see it as a mark of respect to sit through them, but more importantly, it's a good time to reflect on the experience and let it sink in, as opposed to just rush out into a crowded lobby and get on with whatever is up next. You occasionally get interesting bits at the end, too. The only movie I've seen where everyone stayed to the end was Mad Max 3, which was the world premier screening in Canberra.

Have you ever used a movie for inspiration?: I wrote a D&D adventure based on Temple of Doom once. It was bad. I remember coming home from Screamers and thinking, I really have to write something. Life is too short. That wasn't just an idle thought -- that was a need to write. That's not necessarily a recommendation for the movie, though.

Any Aussie films that stand out for you?: Lots, but maybe Two Hands does the most. That's possibly because it's the best of them I've actually seen at the cinema.

The worst sequel to a great original?: Alien: Resurrection was unfocused and mostly uninteresting. The whole second Star Wars trilogy (thus far) is pretty bad. I didn't hate Godfather III as much as everyone else seems to, but it seemed a bit odd. Um. Does Dario Argento's Phantom of the Opera count as a sequel to his Opera? Probably not. I haven't seen American Psycho 2 (but it does have Geraint Wynn Davies in it, so I might).

Even though you are an adult, so you get into any kids movies?: Of course not. I'm older than Christ and have better things to do with my time. Except for Harry Potter of course, and we all know that's a psycho-sexual exploration of the political process and stuff.

Have you heard enough gossip in the skating world to make a motion picture?: No. (But something based on Zeldz Magnoonis' Pepe's Quest would be tres freaky.)

Have you ever walked out of a movie?: We turned off Joe's Apartment. Not sure why we rented it, but probably to feel at one with the youth of that great nation, America. I did walk out on the credits of Hard Boiled, but that was because the parking station was closing (or, as I subsequently discovered, well and truly closed. So much for the ticket girl saying, 'oh, it goes for about an hour and a half').

--"Wet." He said truthfully.