December 19th, 2003

Dark Tower


Hey, if I buy something of $10 or more from the White Wolf site at the moment, I get a free Time of Judgment shot glass.

But what would I buy? A Vampire hip flask obviously (so I could transfer alcoholic beverage from one to the other).

After failing to sell my original Dark Knight Returns this week I have, for the first time, become interested in The Dark Knight Strikes Back (thanks to Bruce Baugh's blog). What little ideas I have about modern comic culture have come to the conclusion nobody liked this very much, but Bruce makes it sound great fun. Though I suspect he appreciates a range of art styles more than I.

Speaking of which, my US Wolves of the Calla has arrived, which is nice. It's got a strange cover admittedly, that jars somewhat when compared to the recent (very pretty) reprints of the first four, despite the fact they seem to be meant to go together. It's not so much the illustraion, it's all the design elements around it. I'm sure they evoke a particular style which I don't have the knowledge to name, but I'm not so sure it fits the story within the covers all that well.

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Other than that, I've been doing a bit of Sunnydale stuff, working out what the hell is going on in my game tomorrow, listening to a party somewhere, and all those other fun things people do of a friday night.