December 17th, 2003

Dark Tower

Oh my God

I've got a theory that it's the One Ring
Seed of Sauron's power forged in the Cracks of Doom

I've got a theory that I'm the True King
Ruling Gondor from Anfalas to the Anduin

I've got a theory we should work this out
Because the fate of Middle Earth
Is hanging still in doubt

Why don't I smash it, just go and smash it
Which is ridiculous, of course its indestructible, like Gandalf said
'the Cracks of Doom', damn stiff necked elves and I'll be over here
The full thing is here: Once More With Hobbits (thanks to rickj).
Dark Tower

Well that was a complete waste of time.

Due to a very expensive couple of months, I finally put some of my old comics I'll probably never read again up on eBay. In theory some of them are probably worth a bit: first printing Dark Knight Returns, The Killing Joke, and such (for those ones I have other copies I want to keep. For things like Batman Year One, I'm less fussed).

13 individual issues, and I got not a single bid for any of them. Bugger. So maybe I over-priced them, though quite frankly, I still think there's enough significance in them that I wouldn't want to sell them for less (we're talking $40ish for the best of them, around $15 for things like Year One -- but I have no idea what the market price is. Are there sites for that, cause I couldn't find any). Or maybe people just don't care so much about first editions any more (undoubtedly a good thing, at least to an extent). Or maybe eBay is just hit and miss for such things.

At this point I probably won't relist, just keep them until I get offered the millions due to me (any day now). I did manage to sell some Tolkein CDs last week for a good price though, so that was nice.
Clive Barker

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Today is my 13th anniversary of full time work, all of which has been here at ANSTO (with a year of part time before that). This has corresponded with my 'No Surprises' half yearly review -- although that's a coincidence, and seems to be going alright. What a surprise.

The weird thing is that we have a vacation student in at the moment who was born a bare two years before I started here, doing the sort of stuff I'm moving towards (so he can can work out how to do it, and show us).

Does it make me feel old? Not really. Not more than the insomnia, anyway. But I am off to think about demons and vampires and things, which I'm sure does wonders for the constitution, if not the public service.