December 16th, 2003

Dark Tower


The mystery is solved: I have found my Reservoir Dogs DVD (after noticing it was missing a month ago). Kewl.

Not through any action of mine, admittedly. Someone came up and said, 'oh yeah, I've still got one of your DVDs...'
Dark Tower

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We played D&D on the weekend -- session 2 of my '1 session prologue'. Hopefully it will finish next weekend.

It went pretty well too. More fighting, but it was a deeply metaphysical representation of universal angst, so that's alright (actually, it was a whole lot of acolytes being thrown at a beefed up Umber Hulk, which is a fairly close approximation). But the plot thickens -- in part because the party cleric pushed his superior's orders to the far boundaries of 'obediance maybe'. Good to see! Also, there's a missing kid, goblin autopsies and hysterical creepy dudes.

My main trouble remains showing with conveying group chaos, which is something that really needs improving for this particular game. That wasn't helped by the sudden appearance of 'Gimlet', 'Gonad' and 'Gallstone' amongst the unnamed clerics (they were Dwarves). Lucky one of them wasn't Glockenspiel or I'd be reliving the full nightmare from innocent_man's fabulous What Makes a Beautiful Player?.

This is of course bad, but I can't blame the players since I was aiding and abetting. We were having fun, and I think that's a good way to get a connection to a game and draw in more serious themes as necessary. But doing it at the expense of background detail is not good.

Meanwhile, T. produced a summary of the previous week written up in character, which was also pretty funny (in a much better way).

After this week the game will be having a month off, due to holiday meanderings by various people. Looks like I'll be running an Angel adventure in the meantime -- at least if I can get it organised (this is all a bit of a sudden plan, but I'm looking foward to it).
Dark Tower

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It's seemed an odd couple of days, mostly for reasons that I can't really talk about -- strange conversations over email, ideas for RPG submissions, and some fabulous news for Kyla.

So I'll mention instead we saw Master and Commander. It was very good, if not the most stirring thing ever. Much of the drama seemed a bit obvious. But expertly made, and another great reference for sea battles, as we have collected at odd times. Not sure if a review will be forthcoming, but I'll point you to Kyla's Peter Weir interview in the meantime.

I probably can and should mention the party we went to on Sunday, in the always excellent company of Cat and Rob (and, surprise, Godzilla). This was their annual SF author's getogether, and we caught up with people we hadn't seen for a bit, including benpeek (who's been having a good week or two himself, it seems). I even met Bryce Stevens for the first time, which is probably well after time (though automotive mishap has intervened in the past). And Nick Stathopoulos subjected us to some of the strangest lyrics ever put to music. I was of course my usual vivacious and charming self (or not).