December 12th, 2003

Dark Tower

Magazines (2)

We got the latest Brutarian today, for reasons that remain somewhat mysterious. It's a great magazine, though, full of poetry about self-mutilation, reviews of books like Jobs Your Mother Never Wanted You to Have (not to mention Theatre of Hell--Dr Lung's Complete Guide to Torture), interviews with B-Grade movie makers, and articles on ghost hunting. Through all this they keep a lively tone, a sensible sensibility and odd little excursions (I'd count their review of Terry Jones' novelisation of Douglas Adams' Starship Titanic an example of same).

Two things have sprung immediately from this issue:

'Real life' vampires don't really interest me (though their fictional counterparts took up a reasonable amount of my time at one point), but Katherine Ramsland's Piercing the Darkness does sound fascinating. I think I might have mentioned her before in the lj, but anyone who has written Anne Rice companion books, a guide to the science of CSI, been an assistent to John Douglas, and done an exploratory expose on vampire subculture has had to have lived an interesting life.

(I bought a John Douglas' Obsession at a book sale recently... Might be useful if we do something on serial killers, no doubt, but it will otherwise go unread. I guess I bought it because some bugger has made off with my book of his I got signed when he was in Sydney a while back.)

But speaking of obsession and cruelty -- can anything top this? The review of ST reminded me you can play Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Infocom game on the web -- but you can't save! Since this is one of the most fiendish (if fun) computer games ever created, I'm wondering if anyone, anywhere could solve it under those conditions.

Now, if only the Masterpieces of Infocom CD included their licenced titles... Not that I have time for their unlicenced titles, but I do want to have another go at Infidel and maybe even Suspended one day, and there's even another Douglas Adams game on it, so I shouldn't complain.

After all this rambling, it's probably best I get back to designing tomorrow's D&D session, yes?