December 9th, 2003

Dark Tower


Kyla has written a review of Visitors, which has put up on the site (complete with verging-on-misleading-but-quite-pretty illo nicked from Amazon).

Meanwhile, I've finished Ilium. It had a stirring climax, and was interesting, but didn't jolt me like Hyperion, Song of Kali or Carrion Comfort did (I wrote that review 12 years ago. Yikes).

Next up? I want to read Carey's My Life as a Fake, and Marsden's While I Live is now hanging about (I have mixed feelings about this, but figure I'll give it a go). I suspect Wolves of the Calla is a strong contender, though, even if the Wrightson version hasn't quite turned up yet.
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Dark Tower

Web Site musings

It's always fun to see what people are looking on our website for. There's been plenty of searchs for naked photos and the like, but others actually seem to be looking for something useful (if not quite as gratifying). This is our more recent weekly report, courtesy of FreeFind, which is a good looking list:

censorship timeline
Why do children lie to their parents about school
thom marrion
bondage fairies
first storm
anthony stewart head
stewart head
shirley jackson
classic monsters
The Hell-bound Train
(The Hell-bound Train) AND (The Hell-bound Train)
history of horror
Gender and horror
the shining
bad brains
kathe koja
dante's infenro
dante's inferno
Elements of art in garden of delights
seven elements of art in Garden of Delights
Elements of art in garden of delights
" Garden of Delights seven art elements"
william butler
butterfly revolution
lady chatterleys lover
Cecil Holland
jack pierce
"George Bau"
George Bau
faerie Quenne
American Psycho
newton comics
history of horror fiction
horror history
dantes inferno
David Dale

What to we make of that? Quite a few of them seeming to be aiming at specific pages, which is nice. Shirley Jackson and Dante are always popular searches, and there is never much about Dracula, despite the fact the Vlad article usually out hits the Inferno (Drac and Shirley Jackson seem to average about 60-70 hits a day each, which seems respectable to me).

Some of them I have no idea about. David Dale turns out to be in the TR Bibliography. There are no bondage fairies, alas (though there is the phrase "some botanical bondage fantasy"), and not much on snarks (until I get around to writing something about Boojum!, which really should be done).

As for 'Why do children lie to their parents about school'... No idea.

This doesn't count google and other search engines, of course (I use google's site: tag, so as not to throw off my search stats). Some people seem to be able to get info on the search terms used, and the position in google's list, of people who vist them that way, but I never worked out the trick of it.

So, is it actually useful, as opposed to mildly diverting? I have in the past updated popular pages that were getting out of date (if not embarrassing). It also shows we were on the right wavelength with the focus of TR, I believe. The Aus Horror stuff isn't pulling a lot of stuff in (Peter Weir and Sabriel are the best there, hitwise -- about 10 a day at last count), nor the other esoteric corners. But even that isn't too bad a ratio, and I think we have more on the subject than anyone else.

So yeah, not bad at all, and some good info for when I start stuffing around with all this sort of thing again. One day...
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