December 5th, 2003

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Someone here at work said she didn't go off to the Nick Cave concert because she didn't think the whole band were playing, and that it'd be just stuff from the latest album. But no... The whole lot of them were there (not Blixa, of course), with a very wide-ranging set, and energy to burn. I once read someone saying that a best of the Bad Seeds would stun a camel at ten paces, and Nick was in full camel-stunning mode last night.

The audience were obviously getting into it as well, since they demanded (and got) a second encore after the lights had come on.

Having said that, this was my third favourite of the four concerts I've seen of his. The first one was fully energised, and we were down two or three from the front and jumped all night. Not our usual mode of expression, you know, but goddamn... The second was just Nick on a solo tour, with another musician (can't quite work out who from a quick google search), and it was utterly beautiful.

The third time was at the Hordern Pav, and the sound was stuffed (where we were at least), and it didn't really work for me. I wasn't so sure about this tour either, and we booked late (thus ended up right at the back -- looking down the empty centre aisle at the stage, which was a hell of a view).

It was good, but it didn't grab me as the first two did. I'm old and jaded and unenthusiastic, no doubt (I should tell you about Illium. Maybe).

Still, hearing Loom of the Land, Tupelo, Hallelujah, Do You Love Me?, Deanna, Watching Alice(!), the extended Stagger Lee and Red Right Hand... I'm not complaining in the slightest.

(As for the person at work, she's seen Nick play in Berlin, so I think she has little to complain of either :-)
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Meanwhile, I've sent some stuff off to the Buffy/Angel list for playtesting... Would it be an unoriginal statement to say roleplayers argue about the strangest things?

Still, some good suggestions have come out of it. Though the level of comments varies widely, this is the best playtest setup I've been involved with, which does the books no harm at all.
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More interesting(?) natter from me in another livejournal: if you want a potted history of how we got involved with Eden Games, click here.

(It was a bit of a tangent from what was under discussion, so good luck to eynowd with tough decisions.)
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