December 4th, 2003

Dark Tower

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I installed XP last night. Again. But now everything is looking much better -- the two computers are talking to each other, and I have the various office applications, encyclopedias and such working well enough (not to mention legal. Thank gawd for tax deductibility). It was all a bit painful, but I hope it's stabilised.

Some lessons learnt:

  • A combination of ZoneAlarm and VET Anti-Virus seems to work a lot better than McAfee Internet security.
  • Modems are fiddly, but once they do work (and pretty well too), make sure they don't redial every 20 minutes.
  • When reinstalling XP, take care which partition you stick it on... Though I'm still not convinced I was given a choice at the vital moment
  • I'm not sure there is a lesson to be learnt about my intermittent problem with the graphics card. Apparently it's a known problem, and is too trivial to worry about changing cards
  • A combination of Opera and Mozilla Thunderbird is very nice indeed.
  • Make sure you install Britannica on the big partition...
  • I should probably move my documents away from proprietary formats. I do all writing in RTF anyway, and spreadsheets don't seem too much of a problem. My Access database for generating the home page, however, could be. I like it, but I'm sure there are other solutions out there...
Dark Tower

(no subject)

We're flying an American flag at work today. Not sure why, but it just looks... wrong.

Oh well, I'm sure these things happen (we fly the Aboriginal flag every couple of months, but I haven't seen this).

Meanwhile, we're off to see Young Nick at the Enmore tonight. Should be groovy, man.