November 26th, 2003

Dark Tower

Agenda Politics

Here is a pretty interesting article on Harry Potter and political agendas. Another book not covered there is John Granger's The Hidden Key to Harry Potter, which claims that Rowling is a true heir to the theological fantasy of the Inklings (Tolkein, Lewis and such). Then there's the Libertarians who claim its all about the right to carry firearms (wands) and resist corrupt government (The New Atlas Shrugged?).

I don't mind such things -- some arguments are silly, some interesting, and the books certainly do have an increasing amount of political and social complexity to pin the theories upon. As long as people don't use such views to ban the books -- go for your life! There's enough diversity of opinion out there that I don't think they're going to be strait-jacketed into an ideology any time soon.

Meanwhile, here's an amusing letter from todays SMH:

P.P. McGuinness argues that the Australian film industry is just another heavily subsidised sheltered workshop which is of benefit to no one except those who work in it.

So how does it differ from other Australian industries like, say, the ethanol industry? The ethanol industry is subsidised by the government, has trade tariffs to discourage and prevent imports, and produces a sub-standard product that the Australian public does not want and which we can buy cheaper from overseas. Why is it that market fundamentalists are always so blind to their own hypocrisy?

James Bucknell, Rushcutters Bay, November 25.