November 24th, 2003

Dark Tower

Who? What? Where?

ABC Radio have just had an on-line poll for favourite Australian book, the top 20 of which are here. The winner is Cloudstreet, by Tim Winton, a book about which I know precisely nothing. Hell, I haven't heard of a third of the list, and have only read three: Tomorrow When the War Began, Oscar and Lucinda and The Harp in the South (which I heard on audio tape only a month or two ago).

But apart from my own unimportant ignorance of Australian literature (at least as understood by ABC Radio listeners), I am somewhat shocked that Traci Harding's The Ancient Future got in at #18. That's one I tried to read, and like everyone else I know who tried to read it, I had to stop (I apparently lasted the longest, at 80 pages). Yeah, I know railing against 'popular' works is a futile experience, but sometimes the effort just needs to be made. I do sometimes wonder (and hope) that her subsequent books have got better, but am in no real hurry to find out for myself.
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