November 17th, 2003

Dark Tower

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Well, since I refuse to talk about computers just at the moment, here's this cheerful bit of trivia instead.

Wraith: Death has claimed you, but you can not move
on just yet. Something has kept you from moving
on to your final destination. Even in death,
you still have ways of affecting and
communicating with the living, however your
resources are rather limited. The only way for
you to continue your shadow of an existence is
to feed off the negative emotions of others,
and/or to receive energy from the ties that
keep you tethered to this mortal realm. These
ties are your life blood, your true treasure,
and you would guard them with every fiber of
your being when needed to.

What type of World of Darkness Creature Are You?
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Not entirely what I was expecting, but hey. Maybe it was because I didn't know any of the cartoons they talked about! (Then again, since between South Park and The Simpsons I've seen 1 full episode, you can tell cartoons aren't really my thing.)

But more likely because I mentioned angst and black one too many times...
Dark Tower

Roleplaying Matters

Our current D&D game came to a more or less sudden finale on Saturday night. Plots (not to mention assassins, cultists and dinosaurs) converged on the gladatorial arena, for a complex and bloody showdown. Good stuff!

Even if I spent half of it on the couch, due to the ravages of disease... Since my character thought it was a good idea to sit on the Sarantium's most prominent poisoner, this turned out to be appropriate. But he made his saves well enough to survive -- a bit of a theme of the game, really. The reason all this came to a head so quickly was that a a kidnapping attempt by one of the main bad guys just collapsed thanks to another good save or two (the fact that the barbarian/priest/gladiator/half orc/(my character's client) had the Luck domain and could reroll a save once a day helped a lot). But even so, he was Charmed at the last minute, and so the true main baddie was able to slip away for another day.

What would we do without dice, eh wot? (Play Nobilis, I suspect)

But we have one more session of that, and then it's my game, about a month earlier than expected. Nonetheless, I think things are in hand. I even have a map, thanks to my experiment with Campaign Cartographer. It's not an original landscape, but I think it came off pretty well.

(it's big)

Still, lots of work to do.
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