November 12th, 2003

Dark Tower

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Just a quick update, since I'm supposed to be recuperating. Certainly, it's been a hectic week -- my car is now registered and serviced, my computer is on order (yeah, it's an XP machine), I've sent off my DA thing to innocent_man, have got a project at work to pretty much go-live status, and have lots to do on a different project). Now I'm at home with a throat infection, at the beginning of a deluge of entertainment options.

It started yesterday with my buying Dan Simmon's Ilium on a whim, continued today with Sopranos S4 and Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter arriving. By various reports, there's more roleplaying stuff and DVDs to come... (and hopefully amongst them will be my Berni Wrightson signed Wolves of the Calla, which seems to be in a bit of a confused state, grumble grumble).
Dark Tower


Houses of the Fallen has arrived upon our doorstep, via the strange and wonderful means of so many other WW books, and of course I've looked through all the bits I wrote, seeing what has survived, and what hasn't.

In short, pretty much everything I wrote is in there. That's certainly more than enough for me to declare the entire project fabulous. For reference, my bits were all of chapters 5 (Defilers) and 8 (Politics), and the background of chapter 6 (Devourers, with ladyjestyr doing the rest). I think the Devourers is the bit I'm happiest with, because I didn't have much time, and hadn't done a lot with the House previously, but I think I came up with an interesting take on the 'fighters' of the game.

A couple of random notes:

  • Ah, Sabriel. I still feel somewhat proprietary towards her, and think she has an interesting background as written here. It must be said it doesn't match up too well with the character as seen in Greg's novels -- that bit was sent off before I read Ashes and Angel Wings. But she's just doing it to confuse you, which is completely in character.
  • Once again, game mechanics are not my strong point. All my 'magic items' for Defilers are there, but the mechanics have been tweaked into reasonableness by the editor -- generally made less complicated. Must (twhack) remember this when editing Angel -- and again realise why I'll probably never write a d20 supplement. But the rituals turned out okay, which I guess is good since we did the original rules in the Player's Guide.
  • My suggestion for a Defiler quote was used -- well, one of them anyway. The others were Nick Cave lyrics, so probably weren't under serious consideration...
  • Um, that's it. There were some other minor edits in my House chapters, but most of the Politics chapter seems pretty much word for word. I also think that's going to be a useful resource for people, laying out the methods, resources and game considerations of political games in a pretty straightforward manner. Hey, this RPG writing can work out pretty well...