November 6th, 2003

Dark Tower

Note to self...

...Don't have the sex scene from Marsden's Dead of the Night playing on the cassette/radio when the guard's are checking my car on the way out of work.

It's been a strange week, continuing the fragmented nature of things in recent times, which probably means I'm doing too much. We didn't get to see The Devil is a Woman, alas -- one outing per week is about as much as we can withstand at this point. Of course, an interesting looking production of The Beggar's Opera is on, so there's never any lack of temptation.

But the first priority is get this Dark Ages assignment done and gone. I've got some weeks left, but it's a tiny thing that has already been hanging around for far too long. (It is also vying for my project which has the most research per word of output. Maybe. It's always going to be hard to beat Nanbanjin, which is a 100K manuscript (between us). Of the 70 or so books in the bibliography, we read through a good proportion of them.)

Meanwhile, I got the first proper playtest comments on my Angel manuscript, which were... harsh (from a notably harsh commentator). There's certainly plenty of work to be done, but I think it's all on track.
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Dark Tower

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We did get to see Freddy vs Jason, however, which had some bits of potential interest (no, not just all the cleavage, and indeed breasts).

I'm sure there are a lot of people who actually care who would win in such a fight but, as presented, neither can win, so what's the point? They did pick up some interesting similarities and contrasts between the two franchises (though I have seen only about a third of the Friday the 13th movies), and the human characters had their moments, not helped by the lead actress' tendency to over-act the hysteria. Give me Heather Langenkamp's resolve any day.

I'm curious how many of the intended audience got the blatant Alice reference. I was half expecting the pothead to be haunted by the ghost of Silent Bob instead.

In summary: passable as popcorn. I'm still considering whether I'll hire it out, when it appears, to update my Freddy index.

(Meanwhile, Matrix Rejigged, or whatever, has appeared, and like Krueger vs Voorhees, I just can't seem to care. Though I didn't even mind the second one too much, and will probably see it eventually.)